New Year’s Resolution

They say gym memberships increase by 30% in January. Supermarkets swap the monolithic pyramids of Quality Streets for Weight Watchers ready meals. If you listen carefully enough you can practically hear the ripping up of takeaway menus across the UK. People tell themselves this year is going to be my year. Self proclaimed abstinence from all things fatty, alcoholic and tobacco filled is a shared goal amongst many.

My usual stance on New Year’s Resolution falls safely in the ‘indifference’ category. Why wait for Big Ben to chime before ditching the kebabs? Why not demand a fitter, healthier you any time of the year? Before I go on I should make it clear this isn’t a healthy food or motivational speaking blog. I’m fond of a real ale and shudder at the thought of a 336 calorie Hot Pot for one. You’d sooner catch me repeatedly stabbing myself before carrying out the same action on the plastic film suffocating those anemic, low fat microwave meals. So I made a much more achievable yet, in my opinion, worthwhile resolution this year. To read more. Yes it may not be a challenging resolution but it will be an enriching and worthy one for number of reasons. You can travel space, battle in a trench, become a wizard, solve a crime all from your armchair.  I’ll document such journeys along the way and hopefully highlight some good reads for those struggling to choose their next literary adventure.

The only important thing in a book is the meaning that it has for you – W. Somerset Maugham


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